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<Atelier Mitsuki> has an atelier in Zao-cho, a mountain town in Miyagi Prefecture.

We make accessories with materials born from nature and the handiwork of craftsmen.


Zao Town is the birthplace of the Togatta-style kokeshi dolls.

The dogwood trees that have been planted in thickets and home gardens for a long time,

Because there is almost no difference in color between the core and sapwood, and the color is close to white,

It is easy to apply patterns, and has been often used for making kokeshi dolls.

From such a dogwood tree,

So that you can remember that kokeshi dolls are made,

​The atelier was named with the gentle, Japanese kanji for [Mitsuki].

Born by the handiwork of craftsmen

Wooden beads and accessories made of natural materials,

I will make it with all my heart so that it will be loved for a long time.

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