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Stick to natural materials

Atelier Mitsuki's accessories are

Made from natural materials.
Original parts made by craftsmen are combined with hemp strings and natural stones.
The more you use natural ingredients, the better the taste will be.

​ Please enjoy using it everyday.

Making use of the skills of kokeshi craftsmen

Kokeshi dolls are one of the traditional crafts of the Tohoku region.
Each area has its own pattern and shape,
Togatta Kokeshi is said to be the birthplace of Tohoku Kokeshi.

Currently, there are many young craftsmen who inherit the Togatta lineage,
As kokeshi doll craftsmen, we asked them to make use of their wood carving techniques and careful handiwork of painting,
We are ordering accessory parts for Atelier Mitsuki

Careful until the finish

The ordered parts are
Finished with beeswax

Things dyed by traditional indigo dyeing,
It is finished according to the image of each accessory.

No two parts are the same,

​ makes use of each individuality.

​ Find your favorite.

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